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February 8th, 2013, 09:14 AM
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A little about me - my name is Elle (27) and DH and I have been TTC since August 2012. I went off BCP in April of 2012 but it took until August for my body to get "normalized" and back on track with even cycles. I didnt have a period several months and then a few wonky cycles - that was our first surprise in the journey.

In November 2012 we got our first BFP and we were so excited. But I guess I knew something was wrong from the start. I had a lot of spotting, betas that suggested twins but weren't going up quite fast enough, extreme nausea, and a due date that wouldn't stay still (apparently all signs of a molar pregnancy). My doctor moved the due date over 2 weeks back in the end - We had 2 U/S where we saw the heart beat at 6 weeks and 8 weeks. I was on partial bed rest for about a month during this time due to the spotting. I had the hardest time getting a hold of my doctor and they kept sending me home the last time with him saying "there is nothing wrong and no reason this pregnancy wont be healthy." I finally switched doctors because my old one just wouldn't listen (new one is amazing) and went in for my 12 week scan on Jan 10, 2013 and found the baby no longer had a heartbeat.

Jan 11, 2013 I had the D&C and was told everything went great and we could go right back to TTC 2 weeks later. The bleeding post D&C lasted right around 2 weeks and then everything started to feel a little more normal (physically). We immediately went back to TTC.

A week after that I got the call that I had a rare problem known as a partial molar pregnancy. This means that 2 sperm fertilized 1 egg and the extra chromosomes made it impossible for the baby to progress and can also be dangerous and metastasize after the miscarriage.

This leads to where we are now. We are told we will be waiting anywhere from 6 months to over a year (depending on how fast my beta numbers fall) until we can start trying again and that the chance of another molar pregnancy is increased for us the next time we try. So for now I go in once a week to monitor my blood tests to make sure the HCG levels continue to fall and are not going to cause further issues.

Summary of Entire TTC Journey
4 Months waiting on cycle to "normalize" (doctor said we must wait to TTC)
Cycle 1 TTC: BFN
Cycle 2 TTC: BFN
Cycle 3 TTC: BFN
Cycle 4 TTC: BFP - Molar pregnancy miscarriage (12 weeks) D&C
2.5 months of waiting for zero beta
3 months waiting to confirm zero betas
Cycle 5 TTC: BFN
Cycle 6 TTC: BFP - Miscarriage (8 weeks) D&C - Not molar!!!
Cycle 7 TTC: BFN
Cycle 8 TTC: BFN
Cycle 9 TTC: BFP!!!!!!! Keeping everything crossed. . .

Molar Pregnancy: 1/11/13 - D&C

Here are all the betas:
1/29/13 - 180
2/04/13 - 73
2/12/13 - 36
2/19/13 - 24
2/26/13 - 15
3/05/13- 12
3/12/13 - 8
3/19/13 - 7
3/26/13 - <5 FIRST ZERO BETA!!!!!!!!!!!!
4/23/13 - <1 First month confirmed zero
5/21/13 - <1 Second month confirmed zero
6/18/13 - <1 Third month confirmed zero

Cautiously expecting Seamonkey #2 Due Oct 4th

Missing our angels:
Molar pregnancy loss (12 weeks) - 1/2013
Missed Miscarriage (10 weeks) - 6/2013
Early Miscarriage (5 weeks) - 12/2016

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