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February 8th, 2013, 09:52 AM
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Michelle, I 100% agree with everything Kim said! You need to take some time for you. You're going to wear yourself so thin. I hope you can find a solution soon!!

I got my hair cut and colored about a month-ish ago, and it desperately needed it. My roots had gotten so bad and it was so thin at the ends from all the shedding. I really wanted to keep my long hair, but it just looked so badly, that I decided to cut it to about shoulder length and it looks much better.

Other than that one instance, I really only have running and working out. I enjoy it and it's sometimes the only time I have without a kiddo following me around or needing me. I also don't really consider it for "me" persay, maybe for my sanity, though, LOL. I do it for my health, to be able to keep up with my kids; it's a part of my lifestyle now. And, running I actually do before everyone else is up. I'm out the door at 5am, or some morning like today, 4:30am. I need it, but it's also sacrificing sleep to get it in. It's so hard to find a balance sometimes!
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