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February 8th, 2013, 12:02 PM
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I'm looking into BC times. I know some of the most ancient religions are Budhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Judiasm, Ancient Greek philosphy etc but I was wondering how Judiasm and then Christianity fits in. For instance, from Adam and Eve came many...but all followed the Old Testament rules.(Essentially Judiasm at its beginnings thus not defined which would make Judiasm the oldest religion since it existed during Genesis) Then there was the flood. At what point did people like the Native Americans, Greeks, Buddhists go astray, depart, and from what lineage as it seems in the bible, everyone originated from two specific lines ...or at least in terms of the kings of Israel right?

My brother says that Budhism and Hinduism etc. are the most ancient forms of religion....but how could that be if everything started with Genesis/Adam and Eve and the laws and covenants created by GOD? And, if it is so that All of man came from Adam and Eve under original sin and had to offer sacrifices/burnt offerrings to GOD, what did these other people do if they were "there" then? I'm guessing these came after the flood however sources say Budhism dates back 6,000 years which would take you to the time of creation/Genesis. Did the Buddhists, Taoists, Hindus, Muslims, Greeks, Native Americans even know of ancient scripture/the Old Test? Were they even aware of it and thus the concept of original sin and our need of a sacrifice/savior? They all were either polythiestic, or worshipped themselves and their personal growth to lead them to higher places rather than GOD being the only way. Howcome GOD never appeared or spoke to them?

After the flood, the continents shifted apart right? But then Noah and his' repopulated the earth. If this is the case, how did the Native Americans get over here with the ocen as a barrier? If they were there before the flood it would make sense but after the flood, didn't all further life come from Noah and who was on the ark?

My assumptions in regards to some of this is: After the flood, when re-population began, some people became nomadic and distanced themselves...some ending up in Greece, some in Asia etc and grew further away from any of the customs , traditions of the Holy land/scriptures and began to worship their own idols; some many GODS, and some; themselves as a means to Heaven or spiritual bliss. Are my right? However, the reason Christianity holds so much truth and testimony is because none of these other faiths fulfilled prophesies....proof of things....they only were created by our minds....there was never any proof or testimonies to support their beliefs. Meditating your way to Nirvana I guess, given our complex mind, could be achieved but only as a facade. No other religion has fulfilled prophesies and or have such witnesses and historical proof. Is that about right?
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