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February 8th, 2013, 12:56 PM
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I agree with a lot of your view points, Marialena. I too have great concern with the routine over use of US.

I had two with my first, before I learned much about the risks involved. I didn't have any with my second. This pregnancy has been a bit different because I had some heavy bleeding/cramping at week 5 and 6, so they did an US at 6 weeks to check for the cause, and then again at 9 the confirm everything had healed so I could be released from bed-rest. We weren't planning on having any more, but now...

I'm wondering: Do you ladies think there is any increased need for the 20 week anatomy scan when planning an out of hospital birth, just to cover your basses and be prepared if there was a birth defect of some sort? I'm referring to something life-threatening if not treated immediately, or that would require surgical birth. I have a friend with a spina bifida baby, so I guess I'm just thinking along those lines...

I would also *really* like to find out the gender this time. But since we've already had 2 ultrasounds, I'm having a hard time justifying another one... Talk me out of it!

As for dopplers: My first midwife used one at every visit. My second used one until 20 weeks or so, when baby was big enough to find with a fetoscope. I'm not sure if my current MW even has a fetoscope. My biggest concern with dopplers is, again, over use. Especially by moms who have their own and use them at home on a daily basis - sometimes for an hour at a time! I understand the novelty of it, especially after having a miscarriage - I'm sure they are very comforting! But from what I've read, they are at least 3 times stronger than US, so even more dangerous!

**I am not a medical professional, and do not mean any of this critically. these are simple my opinions and concerns.**

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