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February 8th, 2013, 01:38 PM
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I don't really have a long list of names that I like, though there are a ton of beautiful names out there that I have considered. Mostly I like using uncommon names, not ones that are original per se, but have been used before just not as much. I don't like common names, such as Michael, Jessica, or Ashley. I've actually had a fondness for the name Tobias since I was a kid, when I read the book, Animorphs, and read the name Tobias, I immediately became attached to the name. So my first son will be named Tobias Reese. (Reese is his father's middle name.) My daughter however, has a tradition playing into her name. It was unintentional, but my fiance's grandfather's name was Gill, his mom's name was Jill, his name is Phil, and my name is Hillary which can be shortened to Hill. We thought the tradition was cute, and decided to continue it on our own, with the name Lil for a girl. But I wanted her to have a very pretty name and was thinking about Lily, but I wanted to be more original than that, so I was playing around with sounds and stuff, and found out that Lilia sounded very beautiful, and romantic. And she'll have the middle name Chae, after my best friend, Chaelynn. So, Tobias Reese, and Lilia Chae. Those are my names.
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