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February 8th, 2013, 03:21 PM
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Im sorry Michelle! *hugs* and I completely agree with Kim as well! You need time for yourself or your going to run yourself ragged!

I know that much because I've done it to myself plenty. DH also works full time plus goes to school full time so he expects his time off to be for him. It was really bad for awhile and I was doing everything on my own for the longest time and DHs response was always isint that what a SAHM is suposed to do or a house wife. I work ok so im not a full SAHM (even though I would love to be but we can use the extra money) part time work thougj so I am home mostly. The only time I dont have Matthew attached to my hip is when I work and thats not really a break. I try to take time for myself but it usually ends up being to clean and shower. Thats my only real time for me spoil myself is taking a shower. Sad right!

But I have done some shopping the past week so thats great for me. Online mostly. I got my 6th season of army wives (my favorite show) and ordered a diaper sprayer. Then we went to kohls (where I work lol) and I got myself some leggings and clothes for Matthew and shirts for DH and we finally ordered a new bedding set! I got 60 kohls cash total yay which I will try to use on myself but will probably get things for Matthew lol. Then I ordered some more bibs for Matthew and 4 nursing tops for myself from babies r us, the tops were all 50% off so I payed like 10-14 bucks for each (greatdeal in my oopinion) so I had to take advantage of that besides I need more clothes that actually fit me. I would also love to get a pair of work pants that fit me and a haircut and pedicure. But well see. Ive also started doing my craft stuff again. Right now im doing plastic canvas snd making some kitchen things ive been wanting to make for awhile now.

Anyway after writing a book lol im just trying to do things for myself but its hard to. I never want to be gone to much so I dont have to pump and who ever is watching Matthew wont have to warm up some milk for him. So I end up limitingmyself to 2 hours max usually. But I need to make a day for myself and get my haircut and a pedicure and go shopping with my kohls cash next week. A day out not having to worrie about everyone and running errands but just do what I want. I could use it for sure.

Thanks for letting me rant lol

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