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February 8th, 2013, 06:24 PM
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Mommy's day started especially early today. She wanted to run 13 miles with her best running friend before we got up. So, here she is at 4:30am about to head out while the rest of us are snoozing away:
(Please forgive her for looking a little rough and sleepy)

After Mommy returned, she got all of my brothers breakfast! Here they are enjoying their oatmeal with bananas, cocoa powder, and sweetened with honey. It's their favorite!!!

Then Mommy jumps in the shower and quickly gets herself ready and then her and Daddy work together to get the boys dressed and ready. My oldest brother, Tommy, has to leave for school now (he's a BIG boy and in the first grade). He leaves with Daddy before I'm even up!

Now that my other two boys are ready and settled watching some Timmy on Disney, Jr. It's my turn to wake up. Mommy finds me and I've somehow managed to get one leg and one arm out of my SwaddleMe. Maybe it's time for me to sleep without being swaddled?

After Mommy unwraps me, I always have to stretch out. It feels soooo good! But, I'm still groggy and not too happy about being woken up. I'd much rather sleep later, but Mommy says it time to start our day.

After I have my breakfast of yummy Mommy's milk, I get to have a diaper change. I can't go a change without playing with my feet and sucking my toes.

I'm dressed now! I love my outfit for the day:

I do a little playing while Mommy washes some dishes and starts a load of clothes:

After Mommy gets a quick cup of coffee, it's time to go play at the gym while Mommy works out. My brothers, John Ryan (who's 4) and Evan (who's 2) are not thrilled about having to take a picture before leaving. I don't know why, I love pictures!

After we get home from the gym, it's lunch time for my brothers and once again they don't want their pic taken.

And more mommy's milk for me:

Then it's my naptime. I'm so happy to rest but Mommy says she has to do a bunch of boring stuff like cleaning the house and laundry, so I'm happy to nap. It sounds much nicer.

Then, it's once again time to wake up (before I'm ready to and I show it in my face) and nurse before we go pick up my oldest brother from school:

On the way home after getting Tommy, Mommy says she needs to stop and get something to help her get through the rest of the day. She gets it from her favorite place and calls it an "iced mocha", but I'm pretty sure I've also heard her call it heaven in a cup before.

We're all home! Mommy wanted a pic of all of us in the car and my brother Evan napping already

I hang out on the couch while Mommy (finally) finishes her coffee and eats a little bit for lunch.

Now it's time for our favorite activity of the day, snuggle time. I love laying on Mommy and I get so comfortable that I soon fall asleep and Mommy also catches a quick nap with me.

I wake up happy and nurse again, then it's dinner time for my brothers! I usually don't sit in the bumbo on the table, but Mommy wanted to get all of us in the same shot. John Ryan decided to be silly so I copied him. Oh, and I also decided to spit up all over my outfit so Mommy stripped me down to my diaper and started my clothes in the washer.

I'm pooped from a long day, so it's time to get ready for bed. I'm comfortable in my PJs now and playing contently in my crib while Mommy gets my brothers ready for bed.

We're all ready now and my brothers have now decided they'd like to take pictures, but of course a fight ensues over who will hold me, so Mommy makes them take turns. It sure is hard to get all 4 of us to cooperate for a picture together sometimes!

And, here's another one of us all together.

I get one more little snack of Mommy's milk and it time for bed! We are all sound asleep now and ready to start it all over again tomorrow. I hope you enjoyed reading about my day. Mommy and I had a lot of fun doing this!
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