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February 9th, 2013, 11:51 AM
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My son is 4 and gets speech for stuttering. He started at two and it was considered normal then. The SLP that evaled him then said as they rapidly expand vocab, they tend to do this. It's when it doesn't resolve after about 6 months they start to be more concerned. Owen is still stuttering after two years, so that is why he gets direct services now. What we are told to do is never interrupt or finish his sentences for him, even if we 100% know what he is trying to tell us. Give him direct eye contact while he talks and if that isn't possible (like driving) say "I am listening, what do you need to tell me?". Also, once he does get the sentence out repeat it back slowly to him to reinforce how he can slow it down to get it out without the stutter. So if he says "I I I I want some juice" after he finishes, we say "You are telling me you want some juice." in a slow calm manner. I will say it got a lot harder when Natalie started talking because I notice his stuttering get worse when he is tired, when she is talking and he has to talk over her and when there is background noise he is competing with. Also, if he is trying to recall a long story about school (what he did at circle time, etc.) he stutters as he thinks and talks at the same time.
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