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February 9th, 2013, 02:48 PM
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Hi I am new to this but I am so confused.... when I was pregnant with my son who is now almost 11 years old I never knew I was pregnant until the 4th month in due to I had my regular period for the first 3 months.... my fiance and i have been trying to have a baby even did the ovulation test thing and nothing happened and kinda started giving up but my period the last few months has been weird 2 months ago it was 5 days late, and last month it was a day early but ended really early and my period is always on time =s ..... now im going on 8 days with no period it was suppose to be here last Sunday and finish Thursday today is Saturday February the 9th 2013 and still no period i have n idea whats going. Last time it was late i went to the doctors did tests not pregnant but found out i have a retroverted /tilted uterus its towards my spine which explains why my cramps are always sooo insane it feels like labor after the water breaks but a 1000 times worse.... but the doctor said everything is fine so why is it not here again but now even more days late?!? I took a pregnancy to see, it was negative when it was 3 days late and again today and same result so not sure whats up I dont expect a positive when we have had sooo many negatives in the past so it doesnt surprise me but confuses me when its negative and no symptoms of pregnancy except boobs are sore a bit and i get a little cramps here n there but still nothing if anyone knows or been threw this before please help me figure out what to do. Thank you i appreciate it.
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