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February 10th, 2013, 12:59 AM
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I answered some of this in the other bible's that part:

Well it's not as if the oldest religion "wins." God existed before creation itself and certainly before any ancient religions. God chose to send Jesus 4000 years after creation so yeah....a ton of pagan religions were very well established by that time. Christians were named after Christ but the Old Testament saints were also Christians...they just didn't have Christ yet. Gods chosen people...Abrahams seed...were Gods people just as Christians today are Gods people.

You should read Genesis if you want to know about lineage and who came from who. After the flood, everyone came from one of Noah's three sons. When Abraham came along he had Ishmael by his servant (not Gods plan) and then Isaac (the promised one)by his wife, Sarah.. I've heard it said that Muslims came from Ishmael but I haven't studied that to tell you for sure. Isaac then married and had Jacob. God changed Jacobs name to "Israel" and he (Jacob) had 12 sons...this is where the twelve tribes of Israel comes from. Judah was one of those 12. Jesus came from Judah's line.

In the Bible, the Canaanites were a very large pagan group. They were descendants of Canaan whose father was Ham. Ham was one of Noah's three sons and his whole lineage was cursed because of something he did. So in this instance, you can see the very beginning of a people group gone astray. Most of the time it's not that clear where they began.

To respond to the part about the continents dividing...the Bible isn't very descriptive on this at all. There is one little line about a boy being named "Peleg" and then says "because the earth was divided in his day."(this comment is in 1chronicles 1) If I'm doing the math right in Genesis 11...Peleg was born about 100 years after the flood. So the continents didn't divide immediately but over time. Even secular history teaches about a continental drift and land bridge from Russia to Alaska.

The separation and dispersion of people at the Tower of Babel was significant in causing the different races, languages and spreading people over the earth as originally commanded.
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