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February 10th, 2013, 12:15 PM
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I went MIA for awhile because the stress of TTC was really eating at me. I had to take a cycle off of clomid because I had cysts the last cycle which was really hard for me to deal with. On top of TTC being stressful my job has been stressful too. I have plenty of sick time saved up and we can use sick time for appointments so that is what I have been doing. My boss has recently gotten pissy about this and is making it her job to remind me frequently about my attendance which doesn't help our already strained relationship.

Now I am back and I'm ready to try again! My last cycle was acctually a normal length without medication so that was a possitive thing for me :-). I'm back on clomid because my cysts went away so that makes me happy to. My next appointment falls on a day where work is closed so that makes life a little easier too. Plus if I have good follicals I can get my trigger shot this month. I cannot wait to be in the 2ww and see how that goes.

Here is to hoping and praying!
After 2 and a half years expecting number 1!

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