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February 10th, 2013, 12:46 PM
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Originally Posted by MarinaAndCharlie'sMommy View Post
So excited for you!!!! I've been wondering how you are doing. Can't wait for your next update! I can't imagine having my DH in another city. That must have been miserable for you.
HEY CASEY!!!!!!!!! Thanks for checking up on me!! It was very hard and lonely...I am so happy he is moving back home.

Originally Posted by Cait&AngelAbove View Post
Yay! That is so exciting!!!
I know right....I'm so ready...we have been waiting way too long to start IUI

Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
That's fantastic! Yay for MA in March
Jen we are cycle buddies!!!! I'm not going to have a lot of hope for this cycle....we will start moving DH home next weekend and that is when I should be if we aren't too tired after moving maybe we can work in a little BDing

I'm super duper tired...just finished my presentation for class....only 3 more weeks of this professor is great BUT he assigns A LOT of work every week.

I just got out my sewing machine. I will be making cloth menstrual pads. Last month I started doing a lot of research and found that disposable pads and tampons are really really full of toxins. So I bought a few different brands of cloth pads and used them for this last cycle. It went great!!!! I didn't bleed as much and I didn't have that yucky smell from disposable pads. Another huge plus was I didn't sweat a lot using cloth pads. With disposable pads I would sweat tons and just feel gross...but not with cloth pads

I found a few videos on youtube on how to use and clean cloth pads and I am hooked. They are super cute and they cost a bit to start up...but they will last for years. I bought a couple of pads from different brands...

Sckoon...they are super cute...but kinda thick...I liked them best for overnight....nothing leaked. Had to really work hard on a few liners to get stains out
Party In My Pants...very thin and absorbent and they are also super cute!!! No problems with stains
TreeHugger...they were very comfy, soft and absorbent...but they seemed to smell more than they cotton brands above.
Charlie Banana....really liked them...the only downside is the wings are not leak I only wore them on my light days.

I only bought a couple of each brand...the charlie banana were the cheapest...$18 for 3 pads and Sckoon was the most expensive $19 for one pad

Anyhooo....I got off topic there...sorry. So after using cloth pads...I'm hooked. I found a youtube video to make your own I will buy some fabric and try and make them myself.

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