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February 10th, 2013, 02:10 PM
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I also breastfeed my also one year old and also got my period back on December 25th haha so similar, but I had to start working full-time when he was 9 months, and AF showed about 6 weeks later. My son is an avid nurser, and I have to pump for him at work, but I think our bodies don't respond the same way to pumps and even though I was pumping enough to keep up with his needs, it wasn't the same as nursing him. I don't know if she will take a bottle from you (I know LO won't take one if I am anywhere around, just wants the boob) but switching to pumping might help. I still nurse him to sleep at night, once in the middle of the night (sometimes, sometimes he sleeps 9 hours and then wakes up for the day, when I nurse him). So right now, he is down to nursing two, maybe three times if I nurse him before taking him to daycare. Then pumping twice during the day. My first cycle my LP was only 9 days, but I'm lucky I ovulated at all. Still nursing full-time, AF may not have come yet because you still have not ovulated. That is what my first guess would be, and that it will regulate over time. Especially if there is any 8 hour period that your LO does not nurse. FX for you and GL when you start temping! And keep BDing since you have no idea if/when you will O this cycle!!!

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