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February 10th, 2013, 08:05 PM
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So O's mom lives in a 2 story apartment complex. It's all indoors, and the door is code accessed. We don't have a code and she claims there is no "visitor code" that she is aware of.

The last 2 times we have picked him up, the door has been locked. Usually someone is going in or out so we are able to just ring her doorbell, but the last 2 times we weren't able to. We also like to go to the door because it gives us a chance to see where he is living. The last time we were there it was filthy. Plates and food everywhere. Etc etc. (This is an ongoing concern due to CPS's concerns when she was removed from her apartment last year.)

Anywho, we were able to go right to the door tonight. We pick up O, say hi to her, and are on our way.

As we walk away, we notice the apartment across the hall, you can see into their apartment through the door. It had very clearly been kicked in somehow. We say, "Jeez O, do you know what happened?"

He then proceeds to tell us that not this past week, but the last week he was with her, they heard yelling. A man was trying to get into that apartment. He heard babies crying or kids crying and an adult woman crying. O's mom called the cops, and they showed up after the man had entered the apartment and the woman and kids had left. The man refused to let the police inside, so they had to use a big tool to smash the door in. They arrested the man and took him away.

O watched all of this happen through his peephole.

Why oh why can he not have a safe home with her?!
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