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February 11th, 2013, 09:05 AM
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You are right, we are not doctors. Many of us have been on this road a very long time and know quite a bit though, so we have a hard time believing that every rare circumstance can happen to one person, all in the same month.

I do believe that you have suffered losses in your life and that it has devastated you, and I'm sorry for that because no one should have to deal with that.

Since you are pregnant and never ended up using Medical Assistance, this board is probably not the best for you. Anyone who wants to follow you can do so in your new DDC.

Originally Posted by SerenitysMom View Post
For those who think I have lied about a loss/losses or my pregnancies.

I just want to say, for someone to be a troll or lie, they wouldn't take the time to try to prove themselves with photo's and user name signature, as well as very personal information.

I have suffered many losses, including one a few day's ago being a twin with this pregnancy. I know some of you think that it's impossible for levels to drop to 0 than rise up really high. But, if your levels where low to begin with mine where 45 the last time we had checked, I have been suffering POAS addiction since I have lost so many pregnancies I test a lot. . And, it kept worrying me, I found out that my levels dropped to 0.

I had a scan and they saw two babies one had a collapsed gestational sac, one looked normal. The collapsed gestational sac is a sign of vanishing twin syndrome (Loss of a twin) and either it will stay with you til the other twin is born, or it will disentagrate into the body, be absorbed by the body. My bloods that day where 800.

For some women if the levels are already low, it can cause the number's to drop to 0. Than a rise when the other baby's hormones take over.

Non of us are doctors we can just go by experiences. But, don't assume it is not possible. You all also tried to claim its not possible to get pregnant with tubal ligation, but it is possible nothing is 100% there is proof of other women having this happen and it is more common than most of us know. I was in shock when it first happened to my husband and I.

Now, that I had a tubal ligation reversal I am happy. The term is I can make angel babies, but not take home babies. A lot of us suffer this.

But, please don't harass/bully someone that is actually caring.

I am here to support you ladies/make new friends and find ways to cope as I don't know of any places here that help with losses/groups that are local. I may not have been as lucky as some of you ladies to have had family/friends to help with that. I never expected it to happen to me.

You all are right I have been having issues with sites and being banned for the same problems, I have had women follow me site to site causing this to happen. I know a lot of you are on more than one TTC site. This prevents me from trying to move onto any place else. And, is it right to have someone that had a loss be alone and have no one to talk to? I mean is that very nice when you have been through a lot of the same things would you want to be alone? No, you wouldn't.

For those who claim my losses are fake please look at the documents below, it has screen name and date as well as personal information. If I was trolling, I wouldn't put this information up at all.

And, those who say my daughter was fake, that is really hurtful and you think I am being hurtful to you saying that its not nice to post lies when others are actually going through a loss.

Well, I have too guys. And, I think you should give me a chance since I am posting proof. I am sorry you don't believe things are possible, or real/ add up. But, all my stories are the same. I never changed anything up.

No one is perfect and people will always have they're own opinion, but please let me have people to talk to.

Here is a photo of me holding my death certificate up as well as the same outfit I posted with belly photos that I posted yesterday.

The 5 week 2 day pregnancy photos from this pregnancy that where taken yesterday in same outfit

I know its bloat but I love to share my photos for progress :-)

For those who don't think anything can be seen with levels at 800.

Here is some information depending on the technician the type of scan abdominal vs trans-vaginal and the machine.

You can see a sac with as low at B-HCG of 800...

For transabdominal ultrasound performed by an experienced sonographer, the established discriminatory level is approximately 3,600 mIU/mL.24,25 With TVU, the discriminatory level is both operator- and equipment-dependent. The sac may be seen at -hCG levels as low as 800 mIU/mL, but should be identified by experienced ultrasonographers at 2,000 mIU/mL.17

Early Options: Ultrasound Imaging in Early Pregnancy
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