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February 11th, 2013, 12:35 PM
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Hi, my name is Kami. I'm 38yrs old with 2 wonderful kids, ages 5 & 3.

I am not pregnant but have gotten a little baby fever. DH wants to have more kids but I'm just not sure. We have 1 boy and 1 girl so on one hand I feel like we are set as a family. But the idea of having another baby is tempting. With our first was the first so we didn't know what we were doing. With the second we were living in my parents basement for just over a year (took a new job & was selling our old house...couldn't afford paying for two places at the same time). So because of our living situation I never got to really enjoy my pregnancy or his first 6 months. So the thought of being able to do it again and really enjoy it all and be more relaxed is very tempting.

But here is my concern that maybe some of you can advise me on. I'm not worried about the's the growing up part. The math of when "I am xy age the kid would be only ab years old!" My other concern is that I feel now that I don't have the patience sometimes for my 5 & 3 year old...but to start it all over again with another!? Then of course the financial side of things. I am a SAHM and DH is a teacher. We live pay check to paycheck with almost nothing in savings. How do we afford another kid???

Half of me is being the practical side and the other half is the emotional side!!!!

I'm sure all of you that are "mature in age" and pregnant have probably thought about all this stuff. Could you help me out with your thoughts/ feelings and how you are taking on a baby at our age?


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