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February 11th, 2013, 03:15 PM
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I don't even know how to start this post....and this is a classic example of the simplest answer is usually correct.

So i'm not 4w5d pregnant...i'm 7w6d pregnant (!!!) which means, yes, I did an entire cycle of fertility meds injections while already pregnant and i'm completely freaking out about it. It also completely explains the tremendously high hcg levels at the initial beta draw.

On the good news side, baby is measuring perfectly against my prior cycle's dates (likely conceived Jan 1) and had a hb of 174.

On the bad news side, there is a pool of blood next to the baby which explains the bleeding and RE said I can expect to continue to bleed for awhile based on the size of it.

RE is trying to reassure me he doesn't think the Menopur would harm the baby...i want to believe him, i'm so worried though i don't know what to think. RE has never seen anything like this either - I had a neg hpt 1 day before my period started (obviously not a period, but I bled for 4 days and heavily for a couple). RE is not discharging me at this point (normally he would after 7wk with a healthy hb) based on how bizarre the whole situation is & how i'm still bleeding. I go back for another u/s on Monday...if the dating & hb still look good he will discharge me then.

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