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February 11th, 2013, 04:19 PM
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Originally Posted by CJRPete View Post
She called the police, I don't know how much more there is to do other than that.
She is recovering, trying to do better, clearly your husband believes she is or else he would not be expanding on her unsupervised time.

I'm coming off combative. For that I am sorry. But, I'm just kind of offended by the tone of this. If my son's stepmom, fiance to his dad, whoever was like this with me I would not be cooperative either. But then again I would not have put my son in a bad place the way it seems O has been. So, I don't know.
No I get it. I am not a bio parent so a lot of times I admit I come off the same way. I believe that a mother should do right by her child though. And some of the things she has been doing lately have left a bad taste in my mouth. Right down to the stupid fact that every time we go to pick him up her place is filthy and they cant find any of his soccer stuff and it's never washed. Call me OCD, but I always have his soccer gear in the bag, washed and folded. I like to make things easier. I like to make transitions easier.

I get she is his mom. And I get that it is the best she can do. And maybe she feels bad having to live there. But she didnt HAVE to live there. She is paying $750 a month to live there when there are 2 bedroom apartments in nicer areas for less. But she NEEDED to have 3 bedrooms. So she chose the ghetto.

She may be doing her best, but it just floored me that something like that happened and we heard nothing of it.

Yet if it was us that something like that happened with, she would have immediately called CPS. She thinks the rules bend just because she's mom.

Originally Posted by w292737 View Post
let CPS do their job with monitoring her and the living situation.
CPS closed the case. It took them a YEAR to even check on her and by then we had settled out of court and gone to week on week off. CPS is a joke. In our case, at least.
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