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February 11th, 2013, 05:39 PM
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so DH has talked to the kids once in like two months because he last time he was home she wouldn't answer or said she was at work or the kids were asleep.. so this time while he was home he finally got to talk to them but she keeps the phone on speaker and he can't understand a single word they say.. (I mean how hard is it for her to turn the tv off and say here talk to your dad for a few minutes .. that's what we make them do when they're here..) anyway, so he tried calling them back again last night because the kids had tried calling like 5 times and left voicemails(his phone was on silent) but she texted back saying if he wanted to talk to them he should put some time on her phone...
now I know this is small, but once again.. the small stuff adds up. He told her no, that he was about to go to work and he would just text Ethan( he sometimes texts him on her phone)
I mean seriously, she has a freakin job(she's working as a cna again) and she makes good money because she travels and works weekends... she makes twice what cna's make where we live.. it's not like she's freakin broke..AND she still gets government assistance ... so now in addition to CS DH should have to pay her phone bill just to be able to talk to his kids?!
no freakin way..
she also tried to bring up DH getting Ethan a phone for his birthday, uhm he's gonna be 8.. he doesn't NEED a phone, we talked about gettin him one of those firefly phones where he can just call like 3 numbers, that way we know she can't use it or sell it, and we know if he had that DH would at least get to talk to them, but we aren't sure if he's responsible enough to not lose it.

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