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February 11th, 2013, 06:45 PM
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The same would be said if Eric and/or I were putting O in danger.

And it's not even like we are now on some mission to get him out of there. Do we like that thats where she chose to live? No. Do we like that 2 months in there is already a domestic violence police scene right across the hall? OF COURSE NOT.

Are we allowed to care that our (And I say our because it's easier and how I view him. I know he is hers to,) child is exposed to things we would prefer he not be exposed to while he is with her. Absolutely.

Unfortunately, because she cleaned her act up, we cannot control where she lives or what she does. She has the exact same amount of rights to that child as Eric does. It just worries us that that is where she chooses to have him live.

Something odd happened today. We were discussing via text when I would come pick him up. I told her Eric will be back in town Wed morning so I will pick him up tomorrow at 6:30. She said, "That works. Unless he desperately wants to stay with me, which i don't forsee happening." It's odd to me that she would put herself down so shortly after saying he belongs with her and only her. Is that her way of admitting to us that he loves his time with me and his dad? Who knows. But it was nice that she acknowledged it.
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