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February 11th, 2013, 07:27 PM
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I am nearing 30 weeks (Friday) and things have gotten exponentially harder. For one, my uterus is measuring at nearly 36 weeks and I have already gained 50 lbs, but you would never know it. I am carrying much better this pregnancy than with my son. My sciatic nerve is constantly giving me unbearable pain. That is probably my biggest complaint right now. No swelling, no heart burn, no headaches. I do however have very tender ribs, still vomit here and there, have drems that constantly wake me up through the night, and I never feel like I am comfortable (especially when trying to sleep at night). The boys are doing well, growing like crazy. Noah (baby on bottom) has already began to turn head down, so I am excited that I may have a chance at another natural delivery. They have taken up my entire stomach and I have no where else to grow but out at this point. I am growing out of my maternity shirts and I don't know what I am going to do about that.

We are now living in beautiful So Cal and I love it here. The mountains are breath taking and there is so much delicious organic locally grown food. I am craving fruits so I am constantly buying oranges, strawberries, pears, and apples. They seem to be much sweeter here, or maybe it is just me.

I just finished painting the nursery today. I decided to do baby blue and robins nest blue, with one wall in stripes with both colors. Stripes are so DIFFICULT. They came out perfect though. I definitely recommend frog tape for doing those kinds of projects. I have a few other projects to do for their nursery that are keeping me busy (when my son isn't, of course). I really don't know when the twins are going to come, so I just take it easy for now. My doctor suggested 24 hour bed rest, even though I am showing zero signs of preterm labor and the twins are doing just great. I guess his philosophy is "better safe than sorry" but am not going to sit in bed for 24 hours if it is not medically necessary. I spend 12 hours of my day sleeping in bed as it is. Thankfully my boyfriend works from home so I can rest when needed. All in all, the pregnancy is going smoothly, but I am really ready to not be pregnant anymore and I am getting anxious to meet these little guys, but I am enjoying my sleep too.

Hope all of you due in April are doing great!
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