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February 11th, 2013, 09:11 PM
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What about the mess?

I know I felt dirty enough from the "land" birth

Did you shower right away after the water birth?
There was no mess when I had a water birth- perfectly clear water. My doula scooped up a couple pieces of amniotic sac that broke off with a fishy net. The thing I love about water births is how clean they are. I also felt horrible and gross after land births. I even got a rash on my butt after one of my births in a bed, because it took them so long to change my sheets in the hospital. I remember thinking to myself how anxious I was about getting cleaned up. The shower couldn't come fast enough! But after my water birth I felt fine. My midwives still walked me to the bathroom and showered me off anyhow because they wanted me to rest after they left my house. Sometimes midwives will do a very relaxing candle light herbal bath for moms at home births even if they have a water birth. It's lovely.
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