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February 11th, 2013, 11:31 PM
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Originally Posted by CJRPete View Post
I've read a lot of this person's backstory. She has gotten flak since the get go for her attitude toward BM and being stepmom. Which granted are not easy things to adjust to.
In my longer post that must still be languishing I explain the more.... in a nutshell a magistrate told me just because my ex hurt me as he did, didn't mean he would hurt our kid. His violence and marijuana production are in our order.

Oh and on my other thread I didn't know what else to say. Someone posted about CS and I replied to that. I am mulling over adoption. I understand all sides ans bio dad has rights. But it is also not right that husband does everything for my son while bio dad gets to be photo op dad who pays for none of th things he has come to assume we will just do for my boy.
Support and visitation are NOT equal. They are NOT the same. There is a reason they are handled by different authorities. Life isn't fair. If the CS agency chooses not to do anything about his back support guess what? You're still in contempt if you don't have your son ready for visitation. And a judge will laugh in your face if you walk in and try to force an adoption when he hasn't harmed the child, done something considered unfit and actually sees his kid.

This thread isn't about your situation so I'll continue that discussion there if you want. Bottom line you get what you give, especially here.
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