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February 12th, 2013, 06:19 AM
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So I am pretty sure that I am going to stop breastfeeding soon. My hectic schedule at work and pumping is really starting to take a toll. On top of it, I am not producing nearly enough, even with all of the supplements/tea/water I am taking in. I am getting frustrated and Declan is frustrated too when he isn't being satisfied, especially now that we are feeding him solids.

I feel pretty sad about it honestly I thought I would be able to keep it up until he was 6 months. I am a little disappointed in myself. But, he is 5 months tomorrow, so I guess it isn't too bad. I still have about 50 ounces frozen too.

My plan is to cut out pumping for now. I was pumping once at work and then once after Declan went to bed. So last night, I skipped the evening pumping session and just fed him first thing this morning. Then when I get home from work again today, I will bf again, just so I am not getting very full. Hopefully, I will be able to cut it down to one feed in the morning and then stop all together. Declan is very good at taking a bottle and almost prefers it now, so I am lucky in that sense.

So, is there a right way to officially stop? Or is there a better way? I just want to ensure that I am not in any pain. Thanks for any input.

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