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February 12th, 2013, 03:05 PM
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No newborn size for me, hospital size are 1 where I'm at so I followed their lead with DS1 and it was fine. I got 2 packs of size 1 for Christmas and we picked up a economy size 1 at SAMs club which should last a month. I would be devastated without SAMs club lol.

I agree tho about diapers working different with each baby. With DS1 I got a ton of different brands at my shower and parents choice diapers never stayed on him. The tabs stayed stuck but he somehow worked it down when he wiggled and it leaked everywhere. Pampers constantly exploded and that gel stuff went all over. Luvs were good and huggies but they ran smaller or seemed to. Members mark brand from SAMs worked amazingly well for DS and we used them from then on. Now he's potty trained but we use them at night still.

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