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February 12th, 2013, 03:37 PM
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DH has a Bachelor of Science degree and is a chemist, much smarter than me. I never went to college, not one class lol. I knew in the 8 grade it wasn't for me, I hated school. Didn't go over well with my parents for a long time but I've done well and proved myself. I'm a hard worker and know how to apply logic well. I do believe that college is a great advantage but not everything and not for everyone, some things can't be taught.

I'm in mid level management for an insurance company in the small town we live in. DH is low level management for a drug company in a large city he commutes to so we make pretty close to the same amount base salary but he gets a ton of overtime so he wins at the end of the year. but we will be paying off his student loans for the next 10 years so.... Maybe I win lol.

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