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February 12th, 2013, 04:29 PM
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So I should introduce myself. My name is Jennifer.

I am getting married in 26 days, so though we aren't preventing, we aren't necessarily TRYING at this time.

Here's the story.

Back in January, I ended a pack of BC. I had about 5 pills left in my pack, but they were from times over the last 7 years that I had missed a pill here or there. I always just finish the pack and then start the new pack on whatever day I am up to. Thus- "rolling over" if you will, my left over pills. I always forget to refill my BC till the last minute so it helped to have a backup.

Anywho, this time, I ran out of my backup before I called in my Rx. They said I had no refills. I called my Dr, who refused to authorize the refill, OR give me a one month emergency refill, because I hadn't been seen in a year. I asked what she expected me to do, and her response was, "Use condoms." (I got on BC for my blinding painful cramps, but whatever.)

So we make the decision on January 17th to just stop altogether.

So I had AF from Jan 9-12.
I took BC from Jan 13-17.
Stopped BC as of Jan 17th.
Had a withdrawal bleed from Jan 21-24.

Let's just say no matter what day I ended up ovulating, there's a good chance that a baby was made.

But I have NO idea when to expect my next period. I have had to come off bc for a month or two at a time in the past, and my cycles have always stayed pretty regular at 28 days. So I am assuming I count 28 days from the first day of my withdrawal bleed? So that would mean AF is due Feb 18?

I took a test last Friday just in case AF was due 28 days after my last real AF. No dice. BFN.

So now we are waiting till the 14th, which is 4 days before AF is (I think) due, to test again.

So we'll see.

Does my math sound somewhat correct?
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