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February 12th, 2013, 08:32 PM
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Originally Posted by KtKuKi View Post
I had switched very early with my first. I went to my regular OBGYN, who I had really liked. However, when I went in, I explained how my mom had had home births and I would do that if I were more comfortable, and that I really wanted a natural birth. She told me my mom was crazy and that she didn't accept birth plans at all. She said that if I refused an epidural that she thought I needed, she would walk out on me during labor. Well, I would have walked out on her right then, but I wasn't dressed, so I sat there nodding my head till she was done, and we never went back.
OMG! Peapole like that make me so mad!! I have a hard time believeing they have the patients best interest in heart when they are willing to so quickly *abandon* them in labor just because they disagree on/refuse somthing! Who's body is it?!

Okay, stepping off my soap box...

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