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February 12th, 2013, 11:16 PM
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DH has two degrees he doesnt use. He went to college as for awhile he wanted to be an art teacher. Then he went into the Navy and went thru schooling there to be a doctor.
Now hes a logistics specialist/broker. Which means he deals with brokering shipments blah blah fancy title for basically selling shipments to other companies when the company he works for doesnt ship to a particular state.
I only got my GED and while now I am a SAHM. Before that I was a level 2 Xray tech in NDT(Non destructive testing) which is basically testing all variety of parts made of of metals or welded. Example...Pipelines for Natural Gas anytime the pipeline is replaced every single weld has to be tested to make sure the weld is good and not weak so no explosions happen. Also airplane parts are tested to make sure they can handle the stress of altitude etc. And my job makes triple of what DH makes. But hours are often very long (80 to 100 hour weeks) and of course then theres the radiation exposure risks

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