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February 13th, 2013, 05:58 AM
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Marie~ Hope you are feeling better. Did your sister have to clear off the snow or did hers start melting too? Definitely odd weather all around.

Becky~ I hate moving too and I agree that you don't want to 'settle' on a house that no one will be happy with. The perfect house is out there and it is just a matter of getting you together with it. In regards to the funerals, I have to admit that it was odd that the 'redneck' branches of each side of my family had deaths of their mothers in the same weekend. It was something I won't soon forget.

Mari~ Congrats on #10. How is working at home going for your DH?

Kelty~ I can't believe how fast our LOs are growing up. It seems like yesterday we were TTC them. How time flies!

AFM~ Katie is growing up a little more every day. Her favorite phrase right now is "I need your help." How can anyone not stop what they are doing and go help someone who needs help and asks so sweetly? She is a night eater, which is okay by me for now because I cook separately for her anyhow. I am trying to shed a few pounds so I am changing how I cook, but if she wants 'popcorn chicken', which is what she calls any sort of chicken tenders, I fix them for her. Since she doeesn't eat that much, I am just glad to see her eat a bite or two. DH is on board with my changing the eating habits but adds things to the meal that he wants since he says he is content with his lifestyle as it is. Oh, just a funny little thing to share: DH got a call from the urologist's office and they told him to still use protection until another test comes back clear. So, one test down until we get the all clear that he is officially 'fixed'.

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