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February 13th, 2013, 07:26 AM
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My whines list is pretty long lol... The insurance co. we're dealing with over our accident is being a royal pain! They won't answer or return calls, we should have been put in a rental car the day it happened but they haven't done it. Being without a car is frustrating! Then the cat went into heat and that's been miserable!!! She goes to the vet Monday to get spayed and that's costing a small fortune. My 3 yr old has a toothache, it started last night and he's not complaining today but the meds might still be working. The dentist can't see him till next Tuesday so I'm thinking we're going to end up walking in for an emergency visit tomorrow - which also means Dh misses a day of work because we only have the 1 vehicle right now. Our freezer is on the fritz, I went to get the kids ice packs for their lunches and they hadn't froze over night and when I started feeling around I noticed all of the food was slightly thawed and if that isn't enough when I went into our email to get the property managers number I seen we had an email from her and they want to raise our rent. Why not?! Ugh!

Wahoo - Dh thinks he might have found a replacement for the van! That would be really great!!

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