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February 13th, 2013, 07:49 AM
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ohhh man! that is a long list!! well I hope your insurance company stops being a pita!!! that is so not cool of them!!! and hope your 3yr old feels better soon!! poor thing!!!

and YAY for the van!! thats awesome!

for me whines: actually nothing much cept my house is a disaster but I am NOT cleaning it...haha that is the girls job on Friday since they do not have I am just gonna live with the mess til then, and we will have a fun filled day of cleaning hahaha they are actually looking forward to it cause then they get to earn stickers for their charts my oldest was like "omg its gonna be a gold mine" haha glad I figured out something to get them excited about it!

wahoos: I am getting my convection oven in the mail today...I ordered it yesterday....we have no oven upstairs in my kitchen and only a gas oven down in the basement (there is a second small kitchen down there which is mainly used by our tennants since its like a little apt down there...) but I am getting sick and tired of running up and down stairs to bake things!!! so this thing can fit 2 12" pizzas and 2 9x13 pans and I ordered pans to go with I figured I can use this on a daily basis for basic things and only have to use the oven in the basement when I need to cook for a large group say for thanksgiving or something like that lol....

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