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February 13th, 2013, 07:54 AM
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Hello friend,

WOW---you're so in my head! LOL! We have two kids--one boy one girl, 5 & 3---and there are times when I'm like "well, that's it"...but honestly, DH & I do want more. I'm also a SAHM mom who does small jobs to make extra money but we do live primarilly on DH's paycheck too. Maybe it's because I grew up as a VERY surprise BFP myself and had no siblings, maybe it's because I loved being pregnant (I was blessed with two uneventful easy pregnancies), or maybe it's because well---I just don't have one major reason why I still have baby hopes---I think of the age gap, my age (which isn't a big thing for me as my mom was 38 when I was born, but it's still a consideration and I would be lying to say any different) and finances too-- but as naive as this may sound-- we feel if we're blessed with another pregnancy that we'll handle it beautifully as it will be a gift . I've heard of SO many people who tossed their stuff--clothes, crib etc---well (sheepish grin ) I kept *everything* just in case, LOL.

Writergurl--congrats mama!!! Wow--what a time to find out, LOL! Too cool .

Practical vs Emotional---WHEW---what a battle royalle! I have very personal reasons that if I post them, would come across as patronizing (which is NOT my intent EVER) as to why I lean more to the emotional side of things, especially on this...I'll just say for myself I'm going to go for it---there won't be designer clothes, expensive vacations or spur of the moment trinkets because budget wise it won't be feasible, but I see my riches on the other side of that proverbial coin with the beautiful souls I have and may be adding to---& if that somehow helps you, then cool ....I really do understand and sympathize...(((BIGTIME HUGS)))
I am *NOT* giving up...and fingers crossed and best wishes to all on this site!
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