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February 13th, 2013, 09:47 AM
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I am being careful about which sizes and how many I'm buying, I just thought it would be nice to have some to start off. I know I have heard a lot of babies not ever using newborn size diapers.
We wanted to buy a few of each and then of course buy as needed.
Two packs of newborns is all we planned to buy.
Three packs of ones will probably be all we buy.
The rest that we can get will probably be two's and three's because I hear that's what most babies stay in for longer.
We started purchasing Luv's, not only because I haven't heard many bad things about them, but also because I have been getting a lot of coupons for them as well as we catch them on sale which is really nice.

This is very good to know and I appreciate that!!

Originally Posted by sunnydaze View Post
most store will let you swap out diaper sizes for the same brand but different size diapers. So if you stock up on too many ones, if you bring them to your grocery store, they will normally let you swap out the unopened package for the bigger size.

for those of you who are doing cloth diapers, I commend you!! DF tried to talk me in to it because that's what his mom used on them - but she was also a SAHM and probably had more patience then I. lol


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