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February 13th, 2013, 11:28 AM
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I started this pregnancy out with a very large OB practice because that was the standard. I grew very uncomfortable with them almost immediately. I had one of the OBs tell me I would for sure have a preterm baby because all her patients who have the same profession as me go preterm, completely ridiculous. When I asked if I would have a choice of the NICU my baby would be sent to if I did go preterm she told me no way they pick.. I told her right away that didn't sit well with me because I trust one of the hospital much more than the other one. I mentioned that I guess I would be driving myself to the hospital far away if I went preterm and she flat out told me that was the dumbest thing she had ever heard. They argued with me when I refused an internal during the first tri when I had recently had a pap and I KNOW for a fact I have no STDs. My final straw was when I was checking out after an appt and they called a new patient in who looked very far along, they didn't even take her into a room or take her vitals before she said "I'm so uncomfortable and ready for baby to be here" the OB replied okay great, go back out to the desk and find out when my next availability for an induction is. Now maybe there was more to her story, but being uncomfortable is not a reason to induce in my opinion. I'm so so happy I left the practice and found a midwife.

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