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February 13th, 2013, 11:29 AM
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I'm torn on this. My church decided a couple years ago that there is no reason to give up something for lent any longer that it wasn't enough to get the point across about sacrifice so they switched to doing charity works and other things during lent. You are supposed to offer up to a certain amount of time per week to help with the church's charities whether it is the meals for the poor and homebound, tutoring underprivileged kids and so forth. There are about 10 charities that my church works with on a daily basis and lent is when they get the most help to do it.

But even that seems fake to me when you are just doing it during Lent. So I'm torn if I'm going to continue the tradition of "giving" something up or abstaining from something for the 40 days or what.

I grew up in a strict roman catholic family - we never ate meat on fridays. EVER. Not just during lent. My grandfather and my mom went to church every single morning for 6 oclock mass. I think I have a severe case of catholic guilt that something as simple as Lent is making me freak out. hahah

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