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February 13th, 2013, 05:55 PM
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Sorry to keep you all waiting!

Anyway: Last week Eric and I were readying for bed, and he noticed me wince a couple times. He asked if I was ok, told him stuff was finally getting going. As you probably remember, we had that massive blizzard last week, so Eric stayed home from work (everything shut down) After a day and a half of increasing labor, my water broke. We ate dinner and watched the snowfall, readying for the baby's arrival. About midnight I finally felt my body turn the corner. As the pain intensified, I alternated squatting against Eric, and getting on my hands and knees. Near the end, I reached down, hoping to caress the head as it crowned. Problem was, all I felt was a buttock. As I shifted positions, Eric supported the body as he emerged, face up to boot! He latched immediatedly. BTW, his cord finally fell off today.

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