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February 13th, 2013, 06:07 PM
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So, ill make this short and sweet..
I had my period Dec 14.
I was suppose to start my period Jan 14.
I started bleeding/spotting Jan 6th(8 days early).
For some reason I had a thought it might be implantation bleeding but simply disregarded it as it seemed like a normal period for me. (small short and light)
Well, this month, Feb.. was expecting my period on Feb 6th since i thought i had started on jan 6th..
No period..
waited 6 days...
bought a dollar store pregnancy test... well 3 actually
All clearly bfps
so my question, because of the timing and the clear positives on the tests... is it possible i thought the implantation bleeding was a period?
so im like 9 weeks now instead of 5 weeks?
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