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February 13th, 2013, 08:04 PM
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Originally Posted by K.A.T View Post
Ummm hmmmm where to start???? OK I'm gonna be all over the place so forgive me. First, why does she NEED a 3 bedroom apt? This has nothing to do with the situation other than I'm just a nosy b. It's a shame that she felt the need to get subsidized housing (I'm assuming that's what it is cause that's what it sounds like to me). Maybe she's looking out for herself down the road, you know just in case times get harder for her financially? Anywho, it's sad that O had to experience that. At least she handled it the best way she could at the moment. I do agree with you that she should have kept him away from the door so he couldn't have actually witnessed it. Hopefully, things will get better down the road.

Ok what's seem to have looked into the OPs background quite a bit. Did you invest as much time in anyone else's back story or just hers? Kinda strange for someone who just joined to seem to know the history of a longer time member. A bit of advice that you can take or leave, but I suggest you take it so things can be easier for you here, it's best to let people vent and not get offended about an apparent tone or content of a post. Unless you're the person someone else is posting about, or you're in that actual situation, you really don't know squat and can avoid a lot of drama by not taking it personally. We all have our different points of views here and situations. It's best to not to project ourselves into the next posters batch of issues. It will only get you a headache. Trust me on that one.
Yeah I don't know why she needed a 3 bedroom. My only thought is that because she had to move to the ghetto, she wanted to make it seem like she had a nice big place at least. And dont get me wrong, the apartment itself is super nice. But the complex/area? not so much.

And I can definitely say I would have not let him watch through the peephole. He's already had nightmares about people breaking into our house. He said he wishes we had 3 german shepherds instead of one so he could feel more safe. This was after his grandmas house was broken into and he was told all the details.

For someone who talks to him like a baby, she sure does tell him a lot of things that 8 year olds dont need to know.
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