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February 13th, 2013, 08:58 PM
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I want to give a little bit of my past to let you in on where my joy really comes here goes, I'm windy so bear with me.

DH and I got married in '07 after only dating for 9 months, I wanted babies right away, he didn't, so we bought a lab/chow mix puppy. The best dog in the whole world! After a lot of name debate she became Tristen. At this time we also had a chihuahua that I had owned since I was 13 and was very much mine and getting rather old.
A year later just before our anniversary I went on a conference for Christian women, and realized with a little joy that I would be ovulating while I was gone. The joy was in the fact that I HATED using protection and always felt a bit rejected when DH wouldn't consider having a baby yet. As it turns out I didn't Ovulate until the day I got home and DH was in the mood, I warned him, he shrugged his shoulders and two weeks later I gave him a birthday card that was really a baby shower card and told him congratulations.
We had our son Caeden in Dec. 08.
Then in early 2010 we moved across the country for DH's job. I got pregnant for a second time shortly after arriving, and was feeling really sick and really stupid right away... (proof of the stupid is that I took 3 pregnancy tests, all said positive and I read them ALL as negative... dumb ... )
Our Daughter Sapphira made her arrival in Dec '10 which leads me to believe I'm only fertile during a specific time of the Sapphira's birth was hard core... not in that it was painful because honestly I never had one contraction I considered to be painful all the way till I was dilated to 9cm and 90% effaced. Then knowing that I had high fluid levels and Sapphira's cord was long and head was not engaged, they demanded to break my water and after doing so I was rushed to c-section because her cord was prolapsed, my only memory after this is that of them cutting my stomach open, yes I felt it.
When Fia (Sapphira's nickname) was about 4 months old I started realizing I was fighting a loosing battle with PPD and got a therapist quickly who told me I didn't have PPD but rather PTSD from my section. She helped a ton and I was able to go about life with out our regular visits after about 4 months.
Dec 26th '11 My dog, my first baby Tristen had a sudden and massive problem with a brain tumor that had bothered her for only 3 days and we had to put her down. I still mourn for her.. she was an amazing dog!
Jan '12 I began what I thought was an early period and turned out to be a 3 week miscarriage that ended in surgery to remove an ectopic pregnancy (that oddly enough finally removed itself right as the surgery began) The loss was extremely difficult, I hadn't even known I was pregnant until going to the ER for excessive bleeding, and then was on bedrest for three weeks until they finally located my baby and then decided to remove it, it was a whirlwind event... BUT in that second surgery I got to see things more clearly. The surgery was in a different hospital which was much more friendly, the scariest part of my c-section memories is the OR light, but in the second surgery the light was even more friendly! Anyway even though I lost my Jaemi, I gained some much needed healing from the experience, and truly feel that God used that pregnancy to help me out.
In early March '12 we packed our whole house and moved again across the country, this time in the opposite direction and even further than the first move. This time we had to live with my parents. DH was US NAVY and was at the end of his term and they didn't accept him for another one.
So Jobless, Tristenless, homeless, and without my miscarried baby I took the kids across the country, in the car alone. DH took the furniture and a different route than me so I really was alone. The trip was AMAZING! I can't say how blessed I was to have taken it with the kids and how great they were!
Then in June '12 Prissy my chihuahua who was very old and I totally expected it to happen just didn't know when. Passed away. My 3 year old (at the time)son found her, and got his first sad view of death... I weaped out in a corn field asking God why he kept taking things from me. And I got a calm answer, 'this is the last thing I'm taking for awhile'.
And immediately my husband got a job, then a better one, we got a 4 bedroom house (just a rental but that is cool we don't plan to stay in this city forever), then we started ttc our third and final child in Dec '12, got a van for our hopefully growing family (one of our goals for this year), early this month, and then I just got a positive pregnancy test yesterday morning!

A little more about the pregnancy since that is more what this is for....
I've started feeling pregnant a few days ago, nausea, sore boobs, food aversions, I don't even like my favorite snack right now! Cheetos... YUCK... and I'm not happy about that LOL...
I knew it was probably a good idea to pick up some high protein breakfast items for the week and did, I'm so glad! The eggs and meat I'm eating for breakfast are the only appealing food I've found this week.
My first test was at 10dpo and it was a blue dye test which I've since learned are not the the line showed up super faint, so faint I had to ask DH if he saw it too. then it disappeared GRR... took another test, a wal-mart cheapy ($.88) and it was negative at 5:30am, and it was negative, I was frustrated and confused so when I woke up again at 9am I said forget the bathroom I'm going to the store and rushed to buy one of those 6 days before tests hoping it would be the best for me, and a snickers bar because 1. I was hungry and it sounded good, and 2. if the test was negative I'd need chocolate to get through it.
Pee'd on the dang thing and accidentally forgot to take the cap off until midstream... oops! I swear I took that thing off. Anyway, caught that problem just barely in time to still get enough for the test strip and then the control line was taking so long to show up that I left the bathroom and cuddled with Fia on my bed until the 3 mins was up.. but then I couldn't go look so I made DH do it. He started laughing when he saw it.
"All that for another very faint positive!"

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