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February 13th, 2013, 09:12 PM
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1. 6 weeks 165lbs
2. 8 weeks 2 days 168lbs
3. 10 weeks 1 day 165lbs, strangely enough all last week I weighed 161lbs
4. 12 weeks 2 days 160lbs it looks like I'm going the wrong way but the two weights listed above are really odd and didn't match my weight from the surrounding days at all so I must have been bloated or something.
5. 14 weeks 1 day, around 163lbs, yesterday I was seriously hugely pregnant and go figure I take this picture and look significantly NOT pregnant...eventually you'll see a baby bump, I think.
6. 16 weeks 2 days, 168lbs can you see it? I swear my belly chooses picture day to be smaller, but I'm pretty sure you can see the difference this time.
7. 19 weeks, I never got to it last week, sorry. 171lbs
8. 20weeks, 171lbs. I do NOT look pregnant lol. One of these days though....
9. 22weeks, 174lbs. I don't want to hear anyone say I don't look pregnant my ligaments are killing me!
10. 24 weeks 3 days, 178lbs.
11. 26 weeks 1 day, 180 lbs, I feel huge. I know I don't look huge, but I'm gaining so much more weight and faster than with my other pregnancies, and everyone can see I'm pregnant now, not sure if it is because people are more interested here than anywhere else I've lived, or if I really do look bigger this time. conclusion, I have lived in too many places.
12. 28 weeks 4 days. I found my 28 week picture! still don't have a 30 week one though.. don't know what I weighed when I took this one either, but starting to feel really good!
13. 32 weeks 4 days 188lbs. I'm a slacker! I don't have a picture for week 30, my mom took one and I could ask her for it but I doubt she'd remember to send it to me. I'm now 1 pound from my heaviest weight ever.... I ended both my other pregnancies at 189, doesn't look like that will happen this time.
14. 34 weeks 3 days, 191lbs. I'm still not getting these pictures taken when I should but at least I got one this week! I feel really good, and expect to be feeling even better over the next month. I cant believe I only have a little over a month to go!
15. 36 weeks 3 days, 191 lbs (I was 193 at my last appointment, but seem to have lost it) I'm crazy excited that this baby is coming soon! Please excuse how incredibly tired I look, since DH left I have not gotten good sleep, can't wait for these older kids to actually take a nap one day!
16. 38 weeks, 194lbs dilated about 3cm.... no baby yet... I feel pretty good

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