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February 13th, 2013, 10:01 PM
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As of right now I am not having much of a problem with sleep, but I know that'll change soon! I'm already waking up more to change positions. With all the extra blood volume and sleeping on my side I am constantly cutting off circulation to something that that makes me wake up. This stupid sciatic nerve pain causes me to have to change positions all night. I gotta pee every few hours. And on, and on... Not to add that DS2 still wakes up at night every few days (thank God almighty DH usually takes care of that) and he (DS2) is always awake at least 6:30 and sleeping in for him is 7 or quite possibly 7:30 if I'm really lucky. I go through periods where I'm an insomniac every couple years, pregnant or not, so I get used to not sleeping, but it still sucks.
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