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February 13th, 2013, 10:44 PM
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Good lord, the horror stories. I hate what obstetric medicine has become. The bad doctors give all the good ones a terrible image, not to mention all the insane hospital policies.

I just switched this month. I had been given a random OB for my cervical LEEP two years ago and I never liked her - my (and others) descriptions of her sum up to 'stone cold b*tch.' She's cold, rude, and incredibly inconsiderate. At my first pap (first EVER in my life) I was so tense she couldn't get the tool in, so she jumped me about needing to relax, never considering that maybe a pap would be incredibly stressful for a sexual abuse victim. Then the biopsy tool wasn't sharp enough, so they had to take SIX samples instead of three! I came ready to vomit and left in tears. But as I was reasonably stressed at the time and I didn't expect to have to see her more than a few times, I didn't switch.

I knew I didn't want her for my pregnancy. Due to the early complications I had I got pushed into seeing someone right away, before I had picked a new doctor. I didn't think it would be an issue. I saw her for follow up of my ER visit, and for one prenatal appointment - she did an internal exam with her fingers (which I know very well is not medically necessary and was very painful) without asking OR telling me beforehand! That was the last straw for me. When I went to switch to the doctor I had been recommended by almost everyone, I was told that the hospital does not allow you to switch OB's - if you've seen someone once, you have to stay with them. Not only that but if you go into labor and the male OB is who is on call, you cannot have someone else. My head probably flipped upside down during that phone call. I have had enough people in my life walk all over my wishes and physical rights. I was not about to just accept that a hospital could tell me who I had to see and allow to touch me, no matter what I wanted or how I felt about them. My body is my own and nobody touches me if I don't want them to - especially not a man. That is the end of it.

Being such a small town we only have one hospital, and they have a very poor reputation and a monopoly on local health care. Everyone in Quincy jokes that Blessing is more likely to kill you than cure you. I called the only two other places; one only had a man available, but fortunately the other took me on without fuss. It took some time and paperwork but I have left Blessing behind and will never go back. I just met my new OB on Friday and I love her already She is respectful, friendly, and she listens to me as well as informs me. When I left my appointment I didn't feel like I had been rushed or pushed off, or as if my baby and I don't matter. She took all of my concerns seriously. I'm so glad I switched.

Originally Posted by jhmomofmany View Post
I vowed after that, I would NEVER put up with a doctor I didn't like for any reason.
That is exactly why I fought so hard to switch doctors. Nobody should ever have to feel like that after seeing their doctor. My health care advocate told me years ago that you never have to see a doctor you don't like. It is your right to choose your HCP.

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She told me my mom was crazy and that she didn't accept birth plans at all. She said that if I refused an epidural that she thought I needed, she would walk out on me during labor.
That literally made me pause. What an insane woman! Who the h*ll does she think she is to impose anything on another woman's body?! I feel sorry for any woman who birthed with her.

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