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February 14th, 2013, 05:42 AM
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I don't, but currently living in a very strict Catholic household (the in laws), they do. So it was supposed to be no meat yesterday (I didn't know) when MIL said we were having Papa Murphy's pizza for dinner and what kind did I want....I always get the chicken garlic lol. Later that afternoon DH informed me why they were doing pizza - oops! Oh well, they know I'm not Catholic and don't expect me to follow "the rules".

They also say grace every night before dinner, which I respect, but don't know the words so I don't say it (Catholic grace? It's complicated lol). But Connor is starting to get involved, he always laughs, puts his hand to his forehead to begin, and puts his hands together in prayer when it's time. I think it's cute.

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