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February 14th, 2013, 06:27 AM
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I have a few different things stashed in an old perfume box. A couple shirts the boys wore in the hospital and one hat that Isaac wore in the hospital. I have their and our hospital braclets and several pictures of their ultrasounds. I have a yellow rose that I pressed from a bunch hubby got me for my 18th birthday. Besides that box I have lots of pictures, like boxes of boxes of them from my childhood and from when my parents were younger. Everyone in my family was a packrat, so they had everything! I have a holiday Barbie collection my maternal grandmother used to get me every Christmas, and now that this baby is a boy, I think I'll just pass them down to my nieces. I have these beautiful painted holiday plates my paternal grandmother gave me every Christmas from my birth until I was 12. And since my dad passed away, he left me his miniature motorcycle collection (he was super into motorcycles) which is worth quite a pretty penny so I don't want to display them while my kiddos are so young, I know they'll break them.
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