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February 14th, 2013, 08:00 AM
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Hi everyone!

We've been busy the past few days!
We met with the anesthesiologist on Monday who took a recap of all my medical history, and then gave me the option between the general and local anestethic for the egg retrieval.

I was sold on the general the minute she starting describing the local begins with 2 shots in the vagina!!! Ouch!

Today we met with the biologist. She confirmed we'll be doing IMSI, and discussed how we'd be updated about the embyro growth.

She also mentioned that if we reach the 5-6 day blastocycte phase for transfer, then they will only transfer 1, not 2.

I was a bit bummed at that.

The reason she said is that at that late stage their is a high chance of the blastocyte splitting, to give identical twins...but it sounded a bit vague and unclear to me

Anyway, that my lot for now...we still on for a 5th March commencement of lupron!

How you other ladies doing???

I'm terribly nervous, but also excited!
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