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February 14th, 2013, 10:01 AM
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I just got reamed out by bm's mother because they couldn't get a hold of the kids this morning!!

We have a family cell plan that allows parental controls. We block sd's cell from working during the week except for after school till bedtime hours. No calls/texts in the morning or after bedtime. The only calls/texts that will go through is hubby's cell or mine. We had issues with her texting friends instead of getting ready for school or going to bed. So it just made sense and has worked well for us. On the weekends her cell works all day and up until midnight.

I guess bm and her mother tried texting sd this morning to wish her a Happy Valentine's Day and sd never responded....because the message didn't go through. They tried calling and got some error message because of the parental controls.

When they finally tried calling my cell the kids were already gone for school. I told them the reason their calls/texts didn't go through was because of the blocks and bm's mother was irritated and said that sd is too old for us to be controlling her cell like that! And she said on holidays she shouldn't be blocked from receiving calls and texts from her own mother! (seriously Valentine's Day is not a major holiday!...maybe I should make sure they can get through on President's Day too! lol)

OMG! I had it and told her that for the last 10 years hubby has been doing just fine raising the kids without any help from them. And for the last 8 years I have been helping him. And that our decisions in what we feel is necessary is not up for discussion with them because they have no idea what it is like raising the kids since they have not been a part of it. I also told her that the kids are well behaved and good kids because of decisions that hubby and I make regarding discipline and rules. Since they say how proud of the kids for how well they turned out they should think about why they are turning out so well. It isn't because they are allowed to do whatever they please with no parental guidance.

I also told grandma in the future please call dh because I am again done with her being rude to me because her daughter dropped the ball on being a mom and is now putting forth a small effort because she has to to appease her parents. Grandma tried justifying her nonsense and I just reminded her that hubby and I are the ones parenting and we make the decisions. Her daughter is not qualified to make parenting decisions because she has not been a parent to the children. She chose that, she can live with it. In the future they can call hubby. Then I hung up. I refuse to answer calls from them or respond to texts anymore. D-O-N-E!

I am just so done with them!!!

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