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February 14th, 2013, 02:56 PM
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Only by Grace - I wouldn't worry too much about the bcp..I honestly think (like Aimee said) that it can oversupress you. I think that happened to me, I was on BCP and Lupron and I only had 8 follices, but only 4 mature eggs. Super best of luck to you!

Aimee, best of luck to you, when you get that call!

L Marie - I think we'll be cycling together maybe! Can't wait to hear how your first appt goes!

Kayakr - wishing those bcp's weren't so mean to you! won't be long now

Nicholle, are you testing?????? 9dpo in the evening is when I got my BFP!!! Can't wait to find out for you!

Welcome J&K!! Thanks for joining us!!

Good luck on your transfers this weekend girls

As for me, I contacted the clinic and DH is picking up my bcp's from the pharmacy tonight....I got two big boxes in the mail on Saturday with all the scripts for my bloodwork. Last time we went to the clinic, but it's 1 1/2 hrs away, so they said we could do it locally. I thought they'd just send scripts, but they sent the empty vials and styrofoam containers and glass blood jars and FedEx labels and instructions for everything for the lab techs, to draw my blood and then overnight everything back to the clinic. Why wouldn't they just let my clinic process everything too? I thought that was odd, but oh well! It's for my CD3 Bloodwork and all infectious diseases etc.... So just waiting on AF and I can schedule that....and after my bloodwork she told me to start I guess this is all starting. It's a little faster than I thought. We still have to figure out something for some funds, but I'm excited. Praying SO hard that my FSH is less than 10. That is the only thing I'm worried about right now.

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!
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