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February 14th, 2013, 06:30 PM
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First belly pic at 5 weeks post bloat! (Have a pre bloat one on my good camera, but I'm too lazy right now to upload that one

Bfp: 14 DPO

Sawyer's belly pics:

5 weeks 3 days.. Bloat-tastic!

6 weeks 2 days..recovering from the flu, so no silly face!

7 weeks:

8 weeks (bloat gone!)

9 weeks (how do people not know I'm preggo by the end of the day?? Bloat back?)

10 Weeks: Looking smaller I think! Same week, just facing different way!

11 Weeks: Lost 4 pounds from the stupid super virus.

12 Weeks: Yay a little bump!!

13 Weeks: (for some reason it would not keep my text in the heart!)

14 weeks: (sorry for my exhausted we hosted a party today look!)

15 Weeks:

16 Weeks:

17 weeks: ignore the largeness and crazy look on my face, lol!

18 weeks: Feeling like I popped!!

19 Weeks: Bare belly

20 weeks: halfway!!

21 weeks:

22 Weeks: (I had to come and check my belly thread because I forgot how many weeks I

23 Weeks: Excuse the dirty mirror!

24 Weeks: Midyawn haha. My preggo brain forgot I was taking a picture!

25 weeks: sorry for the hugeness.

26 Weeks: May have gained 5 pounds on vacation... I'm sure it had nothing to do with the funnel cake, ice cream, caramel apple, fudge, and donuts I ate...

27 Weeks: Hated my smile in this picture, so I fixed it.

28 weeks: yay 3rd trimester!

29 weeks: not the best picture, but oh well!

30 Weeks: I think I grew...

31 weeks: different view for fun!

32 Weeks: I feel like a whale.

33 Weeks:

34 Weeks:

35 Weeks:

37 Weeks: (well 2 days early) CHEESY smile and my face is a little swollen because I've got a lovely cold. Hopefully the next picture will be prettier!!

38 Weeks: (2 days early and comparison with Sawyer at 38+3!!)

39 Weeks: Ahhh! One week until due date. I don't feel ready yet!

40 Weeks +1: Alright baby... come out come out whenever you're ready! (Sooner rather than later!)

One angel baby lost at 8 weeks in June 2016

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