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February 14th, 2013, 09:40 PM
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I actually have Lupus anticoagulant. But I googled this and found the above article. I am unable to read and take in a lot, but from what I took in here the Father should also be tested for these genes. It doesn't give a treatment for it, but I'm sure if you searched that page you could find out a lot more.

On another note, I hate when Drs say, there is no treatment. There has to be something, anything. I have always thought MTHFR was purely blood clotting, but I guess it isn't??

A former teacher of mine seen on Facebook(almost 3 years ago) I had miscarriages and her and I started talking. This was before any of my testing. She has MTHFR. But I guess just a basic form of it, all she had to do was low dose aspirin. She had RPL and now has 3 children.
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